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Created for our UK partners, Platform Plus provides support for high-performance porcelain slabs through a full service technical and logistical solution.

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As one of the bedrocks of Iris Ceramica Group, innovation has played a fundamental role in the materials we offer today. With a portfolio of over one hundred and fifty styles, we have been adding to the prestige of Italian-made coverings for over six decades and continue to demonstrate our commitment to innovate through the creation of sustainable surfaces with the highest technical and stylistic value.

As the world around us radically shifts and our working habits evolve, the importance of being able to connect and access local services becomes essential. The launch of Platform Plus has coincided with this global reshaping, enabling our partners to interact with a local team, order from local stock and experience the latest novelties at our London showroom.

What is Platform Plus?

Technological infrastructure, specialist logistics, expertise, inspiration & customer care

The specific logistical requirements of large format slabs are complex. Our commitment to provide solutions for our partners and not just products meant reviewing these processes, and in many cases reinventing them. From warehouse design to stock management, vehicles to machinery, every aspect of transport, storage and handling was re-examined and reformulated from the ground up.

We developed five distinct modules that would provide the support framework to restore confidence and facilitate our partners. The solution needed to be fully integrated in order to provide specialist logistics, technical expertise, inspiration, customer service and access to all Iris Ceramica Group brands. With every service offered under one roof, Platform Plus removes all logistical barriers, while providing the administrative and technical support that our partners require.

Access to all brands

Iris Ceramica Group is composed of some of the most popular and successful brands on the market, each with their own unique identity and commitment to quality and innovation. For the first time and through our unique distribution strategy, partners of Platform Plus are able to access the materials from Ariostea (Ultra), Fiandre (Maximum), FMG (Maxfine), Porcelaingres (Great) and SapienStone all in one place.

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Dedicated account manager

A dedicated account manager is able to suggest alternative materials as well as providing assistance with specification, thereby removing all logistic & administrative headaches.

Assistance with specification

With dedicated on-hand support that only locally based operations can deliver, no international transport costs, no minimum order quantities and short lead times, there are clear benefits both to your business and your clients.

Single point of contact

With a single point of contact, Platform Plus offers significant efficiency benefits and allows partners to order across multiple brands in a single order.

Access all brands

Through an innovative digital platform, partners have direct and immediate access to all slab surfaces available from the Iris Ceramica Group brands.

Integrated solution

It's not just about ideas. It's about making those ideas a reality.

The services provided through Platform Plus are offered through five core modules. As cornerstones for the platform, each one is fundamental to the delivery of a localised and fully integrated solution. Platform Plus provides specialist warehousing and logistics, technical expertise, inspiration and customer service, while an extensive UK stock holding removes international shipping costs and greatly mitigates any risk associated with the transporting of large slabs. Flexible logistics and a single point of contact mean that partners enjoy efficiencies across all areas, including shorter lead times and no minimum order quantities.

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A partnership with Platform Plus

Platform Plus was launched to serve its partners. Since then the platform has been critical to the success of large format porcelain slabs in the UK. Our partners have come to appreciate that with every product sold, they are buying a solution, and not just a commodity. By listening to our partners needs and experiences, we can also ensure that our services continue to develop. To find out more about a partnership with Platform Plus or if you have any further questions, please email partners@platform-plus.com, use our enquiry form below or visit the ICG Gallery at 61 - 67 Old St, London EC1V 9HW.

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