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Meeting the needs of our UK partners, Platform Plus provides support for high-performance porcelain slabs through a full service technical and logistical solution.

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Platform Plus plays a pivotal role in driving the success of large format porcelain slabs in the UK. Partners of Platform Plus are able to participate in this success, benefitting from hassle-free order fulfilment, additional revenue streams, and increased client satisfaction. They appreciate that with every transaction, they are receiving a complete solution and not just a commodity.

We select the products we offer with care, sourcing only from the most highly regarded Italian manufacturers. We are always expanding our products range, specifically choosing brands that supply the highest quality porcelain slabs. This approach ensures we can maintain our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our partners, accompanied by the most extensive array of products.

What is Platform Plus?

Technological infrastructure, specialist logistics, expertise, inspiration & customer care

The specific logistical requirements of large format slabs are complex. Our commitment to provide solutions for our partners means considering the processes involved on an ongoing basis. From warehouse design to stock management, vehicles to machinery, every aspect of transport, storage and handling are considered.

There are five distinct modules that provide the support framework to instil confidence and facilitate our partners. The solution needs to be fully integrated in order to provide specialist logistics, technical expertise, inspiration, customer service and access to multiple brands. With every service offered under one roof, Platform Plus removes all logistical barriers, while providing the administrative and technical support that our partners require.

Access to multiple brands

Platform Plus provides access to some of the leading, popular and successful brands, each with their own unique identity and commitment to quality and innovation. Our streamlined distribution approach offers unparalleled convenience, enabling our partners to effortlessly access materials from the most renowned and successful names in the market.

FLORIM stone from Florim Group

The Florim Group stands as a distinguished, internationally recognised Italian ceramic company specialising in the production of fine porcelain stoneware ceramic slabs. With over six decades of expertise, their legacy is deeply rooted in the Sassuolo ceramic district nestled in the picturesque foothills of Modena. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and Italian craftsmanship, Florim is a name synonymous with excellence. Beyond their exceptional products, they place a special emphasis on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, ensuring their operations contribute positively to both the environment and society. With Florim, your clients can trust in a legacy of excellence and a dedication to making a difference in the world. Partners of Platform Plus can access FLORIM stone materials with all the necessary solutions.

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LEVEL from Emilgroup

With a remarkable journey since its establishment in 1961, Emilgroup has emerged as a pioneering force in the ceramic surfaces industry. Among their captivating brands, LEVEL stands out as an exhilarating addition. LEVEL unveils a world of boundless possibilities with its versatile ceramic solutions, boasting large sizes that transcend traditional use on floors and walls, extending their application to breathtaking furnishings. The LEVEL large slab line seamlessly marries Emilgroup's functional stoneware with an unparalleled canvas for creative expression, granting designers and architects the utmost freedom to bring their visions to life. Elevate spaces with the ingenuity and elegance of LEVEL's ceramic solutions, as Emilgroup continues to set new standards in the realm of interior design and beyond. Partners of Platform Plus can access LEVEL materials with all the necessary solutions.

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Integrated solution

It's not just about ideas. It's about making those ideas a reality.

Platform Plus provides its services through five core modules. As cornerstones for the platform, each one is fundamental to the delivery of a localised and fully integrated solution. Platform Plus provides specialist warehousing and logistics, technical expertise, inspiration, and customer service, while an extensive UK stock holding removes international shipping costs and greatly mitigates any risk associated with the transporting of large slabs. Flexible logistics and a single point of contact mean that partners enjoy efficiencies across all areas, including shorter lead times and no minimum order quantities.

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A partnership with Platform Plus

Platform Plus is a service for its partners. It is critical to the success of large format porcelain slabs in the UK. Partners will appreciate that with every product sold, they are buying a solution, and not just a commodity. By listening to our partners needs and experiences, we will ensure that we continuously optimise and develop our services. To find out more about a partnership with Platform Plus or if you have any further questions, please email partners@platform-plus.com or use our enquiry form below.

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