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News / September 2022

Iris Ceramica Group presents Hypertouch, the innovative capacitive surface that enhances the functionality of design beyond imagination.

Thanks to a retractable technology, by lightly touching the Hypertouch surface, an integrated system of home automation sensors is activated for switching on and off lighting, audio-video, windows and temperature control systems. Hypertouch enhances the design and continuity of the material, eliminating unsightly external plates and switches.

Hypertouch exploits an exclusive technology, conceived and patented by Iris Ceramica Group, applicable to the ceramic slabs distributed by the Group's brands.

This is how the ceramic surface lights up the atmosphere and gives life to the environment.

Design, creative freedom and ease of use define Hypertouch surfaces designed to interpret a new way of designing interior spaces, in line with the contemporary needs of those who live there.

Hypertouch can also be chosen with Active Surfaces® properties : eco-active materials capable of degrading microbial agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds), pollutants and odorous particles.

Hypertouch enhances the design and continuity of the surfaces, eliminating unsightly external plates and switches.

The indication of the activation area is entrusted to the creative ability of the designer, who can make use of sandblasting, screen printing and other processes, or it can be easily demarcated with the supplied commands: minimal and transparent icons, simple to apply and suitable for any type of color and finish.

The Hypertouch device can be installed on horizontal and vertical surfaces, it adapts to surfaces of various thicknesses, up to 12 mm, and to all the finishes of Iris Ceramica Group materials. The system can be easily installed by a qualified electrician.

The devices of the Hypertouch kits are programmed to manage two separate commands, but if required, they can be programmable with different configurations and adaptable to each project.

Hypertouch surfaces are constantly evolving. Today proposals to manage the switching on and off of electrical devices, in the future they will be able to control multiple regulation and home automation functions.

Hypertouch recently won the prestigious award for "Most Intelligent Domestic Device" in the 2022 Wallpaper* Smart Space Awards, presented by the famous international design and lifestyle magazine.

We are pleased to announce that our innovative Hypertouch capacitive surface has obtained the prestigious Most Intelligent Domestic Device award from Wallpaper * , the world's most important international design and lifestyle magazine that is a reference point for the architecture, design, art sector. and technology.

The Award was awarded on the occasion of the second edition of Wallpaper * Smart Space Awards 2022 , the competition that celebrates objects, accessories, services and tools that combine beauty, design, innovation and style to improve our lifestyle and making the places we live in more beautiful, smart and functional. Wallpaper * 's team of journalists, designers and experts judged the applications based on quality, innovation and user experience.

The prestigious award confirms once again the pioneering spirit of Iris Ceramica Group and our concrete commitment to design and develop innovative solutions for the future of the smart home in order to improve people's wellbeing and life.

Hypertouch is a brand of Iris Ceramica Group, associated with KNX and CE certified.

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