Iris Ceramica Group fights COVID-19 with the technological innovation of ACTIVE SURFACES™

Iris Ceramica Group has achieved another important milestone in terms of research and development of international scientific value.

ACTIVE SURFACES™, the high-performing ceramic surface by Iris Ceramica Group, has been the subject of a major study by the Department of Biomedical, Surgical and Dental Sciences and the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milan, to verify their antiviral properties against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (responsible for COVID-19).

The research was carried out by the Iris Ceramica Group's Active Research and Development Department in collaboration with the authoritative technical and scientific committee of the two departments of the University of Milan.

The data highlighted meaningful results regarding the ability of ACTIVE SURFACES™ to eliminate 94% of SARS-CoV-2 after only 4 hours of exposure to low intensity UV light. This significant result follows the ISO Certificates (ISO 21702 – ISO 18061) already obtained in respect of four well-known viral strains: the H1N1 and H3N2 Pandemic Influenzas, Enterovirus 71 and the Poliovirus. ACTIVE SURFACES™ also boast, for several years, ISO Certifications in the antibacterial field including antibiotic-resistant bacteria (ISO 27447 – ISO 22196).

Never before has scientific value been so fundamental for the protection of human health, which has been facing a health emergency created by COVID-19 for over a year. Sanitizing environments and surfaces and ensuring hygiene have become essential to protect people not only in public spaces, but also in work and domestic environments.

The results achieved by ACTIVE SURFACES™ illustrate the importance of the research work carried out, supported by detailed scientific documentation, demonstrating the innovation that characterizes the ceramic materials made by the Italian company. Iris Ceramica Group developed this cutting-edge technology in 2009 capable of making ceramics eco-active and namely: thanks to a photocatalytic process using titanium dioxide with added silver - technology covered by two European patents – ACTIVE SURFACES™ are able to eliminate pollutants and microbial agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds), as well as bad odors and they are able to create self-cleaning surfaces.

All the ACTIVE SURFACES™ certificates are available online at: https://www.active-ceramic.com

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Clean air & anti-bacterial ceramic

ACTIVE SURFACES is the design choice that protects from bacteria, viruses, pollution and bad odours. High quality ceramic porcelain surfaces for floors or walls, suitable for indoor or outdoor use in homes, buildings, offices, hospitals and public places.

Created to offer architects, designers and private individuals the opportunity to make informed choices in the selection of materials for their projects, ACTIVE SURFACES combine superior aesthetics with the ability to improving the well-being of those who live in them.

ACTIVE SURFACES is the result of 100% Italian research that began 10 years ago thanks to close cooperation between the Iris Ceramica Group and the Department of Chemistry of the University of Milan.


ACTIVE SURFACES permanently and continuously eliminate polluting molecules in the air, including the most toxic and dangerous ones for humans, simply using the light and humidity in the room. When they are used on external facades, for example, they promote the elimination of harmful molecules before they can penetrate the rooms through air conditioning intakes installed outside buildings. There are many other sources of indoor pollution that ACTIVE SURFACES helps to combat, degrading all VOCs, however many there are in the environment at the same time.

Anti-bacterial and antiviral

The oxidation process induced by the ACTIVE SURFACES photo-catalysis destroys the bacteria that come into contact with the surface, and the presence of silver makes the ceramic antibacterial even in the dark, both on common strains and on strains that are particularly dangerous for health human, such as antibiotic-resistant ones (MRSA). ACTIVE SURFACES also impedes the formation of bio-film.

Recent ISO certifications also demonstrate the ACTIVE SURFACES antiviral activity. The tests were conducted on two particularly insidious and contagious viral strains such as the H1N1 flu virus and Enterovirus 71, demonstrating over 99% efficacy against viruses. The anti-mould and anti-fungal properties of the ACTIVE product are also certified.

Certified by ISO 10678:2010, ISO 27448-1:2008 and ISO 27447:2009


ACTIVE SURFACES is able to degrade the main molecules responsible for bad odours in an effective and powerful way, even under LED lights. Thanks to the photo-catalytic properties, odour-causing molecules that come into contact with the ACTIVE surfaces are degraded and destroyed, thus eliminating bad odours.


Thanks to the photo-catalytic properties of ACTIVE SURFACES, dirt adheres less to the surface, facilitating its removal. The 'self-cleaning' effectiveness allows outdoor surfaces to be cleaned simply with rainwater, reducing the high maintenance and repair costs required for traditional external walls. In indoor environments, this property reduces in the use of detergents that are aggressive and toxic to humans, as well as expensive.


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