A message from the CEO

For six decades, the Iris Ceramica Group has been the leader in design and innovation, creating sustainable materials, not only for walls and floors, but for bespoke products and countless surface applications. The latest high-performance porcelain slabs, have been created without compromise and represent the pinnacle of design, quality and advanced technological development.

However, it became clear that our partners were experiencing a number practical and logistical challenges with these new materials, and their clients were facing insurmountable obstacles. I personally instructed Iris Ceramica Group to take responsibility for this situation and I questioned whether innovation could once again provide the answer. It was a challenge that became the genesis for Platform Plus.

I've always carried a great love for the UK, our partners here have always been important, so with London recognised as a true hub of architecture for professionals and designers, I committed to the inaugural launch of Platform Plus, right here in the UK.

Federica Minozzi - CEO of Iris Ceramica Group - January 2019