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Leading the way in high-performance sustainable surfaces and solutions for several decades, Iris Ceramica Group continues to innovate through original design and creativity. Every year, our new collections showcase the best of this innovative material and push forward the standards for contemporary surfaces. For the first time partners of Platform Plus are able to access the materials from Iris Ceramica Group brands, Ariostea (Ultra), Fiandre (Maximum), FMG (Maxfine), Porcelaingres (Great) and SapienStone, all in one place. Discover our collections below.

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A partnership with Platform Plus

Platform Plus was launched to serve its partners. Since then the platform has been critical to the success of large format porcelain slabs in the UK. Our partners have come to appreciate that with every product sold, they are buying a solution, and not just a commodity. By listening to our partners needs and experiences, we can also ensure that our services continue to develop. To find out more about a partnership with Platform Plus or if you have any further questions, please email partners@platform-plus.com, use our enquiry form below or visit the ICG Gallery at 61 - 67 Old St, London EC1V 9HW.

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